What is CLOTA?

The Community Light Opera and Theatre Association (CLOTA) was established in 1964 and incorporated under California state law as a non-profit institution headquartered in Ridgecrest, California. Although amateur theatre groups had existed in the Indian Wells Valley for many years prior to 1964, CLOTA was the first community theatre organization committed to producing a select series of musicals and plays each year.

Our Season

CLOTA's regular season usually consists of three productions a year. Typically these include one musical and two non-musicals.

In addition, CLOTA puts on fundraising events, such as dinner theatre and poetry readings

Mission Statement

In a belief that live theatre is a mirror for understanding and an opportunity for sharing the human experience, the

Community Light Opera and Theatre Association

Is committed to providing to the Greater Indian Wells Valley:

Opportunities to learn and demonstrate the skills associated with the performing arts;

A place to enjoy the creative efforts of established and new playwrights and composers;


Artistic experiences in support of and in partnership with others in the community.

Adopted May 18, 1992

How Do I Get Involved in CLOTA?

CLOTA offers a wide variety of ways to become involved. First and foremost, you need to become a member. As a member, you can serve on committees, participate in all stage productions and special events, and become a member of the Board.

A wide range of skills, interests and talents is always needed.

 You don't have to be involved in theatre to be a part of CLOTA. We educate and train. We give youth an opportunity to work with adults, an opportunity to showcase original works. Among the exciting events we offer are




Serious Drama

Dinner Theatre

Set Construction

Stage Crew




Annual Awards Banquet

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Board Meetings


Costume Closet

Play Reading



Email us at: (clota@ridgecrest-arts.org). 

Financial Support

CLOTA is a non - profit organization, which operates solely on the basis of donations (both monetary and material), revenues from attendance at production, and fund raising activities.

If your desire is simply to support community theatre, we strongly urge you to consider a financial contribution to the organization.

By making a financial contribution to CLOTA, you can personally help to ensure the continuation of top quality community theatre in the Indian Wells Valley.

                                CLOTA Board Directory


                                +  Larry Lier, 760-375-5585 President

                     * Trish Modlinski 760-375-6154 Vice President


                    *Barbara Roberts, 760-375-8641 Secretary,

                                            Volunteer Pins

                    +Angie Prichard, 760-608-0851 Treasurer

                    +Margaret Cornelius, 760-384-3519 Programs, Tickets & Invitations

                    +Greg McAllister Building CMTE Chairman 

                    +K Pearl Woolam 760-382-8283  Historian &  Center Stage Readers

                     *Jenna Countess  760-977-6199

                     *Kyme Coursey 760-382-3056


* Denotes term expires in 2014

+ Denotes term expires in 2015


                                  Committee Chairmen


                              Property Development

                    Cindy Cote’, G. Cote’ & Trish Siegel Intermission Sales

                    Judy Ditzler, Play reading, Costume Coordinator,  

                    Chas McIntosh, Webmaster

                    Louise McIntosh, Membership, Contributions, Costume Closet,

                            House Manager & Mailing Prep.

                    Trisha Siegel, Scholarship

                    Richard Jackson, Building Maintenance Manager

                    Curt Danhauser 760-715-9156 Publicity (Programs)


                                                 News Letter Staff


                   Larry Lier 760-375-5585 Liaison

                   Mary Boster 760-446-3010 News Letter Editor etc (Packwrap)