In the summer of 1995, CLOTA received a magnanimous donation of over 2000

costumes from Donna Baker of "Donna's Shirt Tales" fame. Donna owned and

operated the popular costume rental company on Balsam Street in the heart of

Ridgecrest for many years. Long-time city residents might remember renting a

belly dancer costume, Count Dracula, or even the gown they wore to their wedding.

Now that CLOTA owns this treasury of costumes, we are cataloging and organizing

as we can. Since storage space is limited, some items have been sold, tuxedo shirts

and especially 70's jackets.

We still have many jackets available for sale, but not all styles, sizes, or colors.

Additionally, there are some clown suits we could part with.

At Halloween, CLOTA makes costumes available to the community as a fund

raising activity. Interested individuals may borrow a costume for Halloween

festivities for a nominal donation and refundable security deposit.

Mid-October marks the beginning of the selection and reservation process.

Other costumes such as Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Easter Bunny are also

available on a seasonal basis. Requests for special costume support to the

community are handled by CLOTA costume staffers - just leave a message on

the CLOTA Hotline, (760) 446-2411.

Sampling of available costumes:

Pirates, Witches, Clowns, Darth Vader, Star Wars characters, Disney Cartoon

characters, Belly Dancers, Cleopatra, Austin Powers, Nuns, Dracula.