Administered by the Community Light Opera and Theatre Association (CLOTA)

The Ken Armstrong family awards one (1) $500.00 scholarship yearly to a deserving Burroughs High School graduating senior who has participated in theater/performing arts activities.


1. Applicants must be graduating seniors attending Burroughs High School.

2. Applicants must have plans for continuing formal education as a full-time            student enrolled in a minimum of twelve units credit at an accredited college, university, technical vocational or arts school.

3. Applicants must have a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average.

4. Applicants must provide the following document with the application: a. One copy of current transcript from Burroughs High School.

     b. A minimum of two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors,         employers, religious, or community leaders.

5. Financial need may be a consideration in the selection of the recipient of the award.

6. Post-high School education in the field of theater / performing arts is not required.


The scholarship will be awarded at the end of the regular school year to a qualifying senior who has made application and has competed with other applicants in the interview process outlined below.1.) CLOTA will make information and applications available to the senior counselors at BHS in accordance with the procedures established for all scholarship applications. 2.) CLOTA scholarship chairperson will select a panel to evaluate applications and to interview applicants. The panel will consist of community members who are objective and who are familiar with the performing arts; drama, vocal performance, instrumental performance, set construction, set design, lighting direction, technical direction, play direction, musical direction, choreography, dance performance. 3.) CLOTA will administer a special account for the annual family donation. No special fund-raisers will be staged to support this fund. The ultimate goal is that the principal will eventually be substantial enough for the award amount to come exclusively from earned interest.


The CLOTA Scholarship Committee, after reviewing all applications, will schedule appointments for an oral interview with all applicants who have not been disqualified for failure to follow scholarship application directions or who do not meet scholarship criteria.

After all qualified candidates have been interviewed; the scholarship chairperson will send a congratulatory letter to the winner. This will inform the scholarship recipient when and how to receive the $500.00. Before receiving the money, the recipient must present official proof of enrollment and verification of the number of units taken within the first year following selection. If this information is not received, the scholarship is void. Because many schools deduct the dollar amounts of scholarships received from students' loans, the scholarship check will be given directly to the recipient. A representative of the Ken Armstrong family and a representative of the scholarship committee will present the award at the scholarship awards assembly. More information:

Contact CLOTA: Phone 760 446-2411 or email (

Ken Armstrong Memorial Scholarship

1991 - Michael Roberts

1992 - Kara Aldrich

1993 - Joyce Quon

1994 - Lara Desmond

1995 - Chyrrl Huffine

1996 - Shirley Johns

1997 - Suzanne Rodgers

1998 - Wm Adrian Lopez

1999 - Naomi Peterson

2000 - Sarah Dunn

2001 ‑ Jill Olson

2002 ‑ Norelle Shlanta

2003 - Kim Davidson

2004 - David R. Belt

 2005 - Carrie Jo Gowin
 2006  Brian Wiley
 2007  Katelyn Smith
 2008 Adam Haase
 2009  Kellee Alveraz

2010 Danielle Pappe

2011 Michael Norris